Tools Of The Trade

Rank Tracking and Research

proranktracker-logoThis is my favorite rank tracker, it’s easy to use an packs a shitload of features. Not to mention it’s reliable and doesn’t break the bank. The pricing is really the deal breaker for me when compared to other services. $25 per month for 500 keywords? Yeah I’ll take that.

Give me that data baby, hard to get by without a subscription to SEMrush. Sure you got the keyword planner but this beast takes it next level. Keyword research at its finest, and you can use my coupon to get a free month and get your grind on at no cost. Yup, you’re welcome.

Now this is one sexy tool relatively new to the game, it’s in the rank tracking category but does quite a bit more than that. This beast tracks the whole top 20 for you and enables god mode. This is the tool that will allow you to spot updates and other activity before anyone else, seriously good shit.

Backlink Checking

Of all the backlink checkers out there, Ahrefs is my preferred tool. Although I am a fan of Majestic’s TF or Trust Flow as well.

Expired Domaining and Hosting

sitegroundFor a solid host when it comes to your average money site, SiteGround is definitely legit. They have great support and fast servers. My bueno. Hosting is such a pain in the ass, this is a host who won’t be for you. Just want to host a simple site and have it not load terribly? Well look no further.

freshdropThis is the tool I used to find that 90% of my awesome domain snags. Freshdrop pulls expired listings from most of the big domain registrars and gives you a huge range of metrics on each domain. Some of my favorites are, Majestic SEO backlinks, PR, Fake PR check, records, google indexed pages, age, traffic, .edu links, .gov links, dmoz listed, and a ton more.

Link Building Automation

gsa-serGSA Search Engine Ranker
This is by far my favorite link building tool right now. It is crazy flexible and able to do just about anything when it comes to spam. For tier 2/3 links it can’t be beat, combine it with Kontent Machine and you can literally set up tier 2 blasts in a matter of minutes. As if the price of GSA wasn’t already ridiculously low ($99), here is a discount that works for both SER and captcha breaker and drops the price a bit more.

Do we even need to go there? If you do SEO then grabbing a copy of ScrapeBox is like bringing a calculator to Math class, it’s that important. So get on it. Haven’t heard of SB? Shame on you, now go read this guide.

Content Creation Tools

kontent machineKontent Machine
Using Kontent Machine and GSA you can literally blast an unlimited amount of links. Since Kontent Machine allows you to export GSA ready templates you can literally pump out campaigns in a matter of minutes. My VA can churn them out all day.

Wordai is used for auto spinning content. It’s the premium solution for auto spinning, a step up from the Best Spinner and with the right settings can be used on the first tier with low outputs.

Proxies and Captcha Solving

squidproxies logo 2Squidproxies
Here is where you can get some proxies to run with GSA or Scrapebox. I did a brief comparison of the top proxy services also if you’re interested. Quality proxies are crucial to running GSA correctly, they make all the difference when it comes to pumping good link volume

gsa cbGSA Captcha Breaker
This captcha breaker has saved me literally thousands of dollars in captcha cost. It runs along side GSA and several other programs cracking a huge % of captchas for free beyond the initial cost of the software.

And that’s all folks, as the times change this page will be updated with the latest tools for automated link building and everything that goes with. As of now this is my lineup.

If you have a question about any of these tools and their effectiveness, please leave a comment below. After posting this some solid questions came in and most of the value is now in the comments and replies. So hit me up!!

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